American College is the story of two childhood friends, both musicians and composers, who wanted to see revived the fashion icons of the past.

At a sidewalk cafe without knowing why, they evoke the idea (maybe a little nuts) to remake an old, forgotten jacket: the «Varsity».

Taking a crazy gamble, they embark, with their best buddies, in the realization of this adventure, without knowing anything about the profession.

Soon, thanks to its original cut and its trendy look, the jacket they conceptualize becomes a reference; the most recognized fashion magazines, and the finest outlets see the brand as a new shining star. The AC Varsity is born, with its colors, its style and cutting edge..

More than a garment, it is an urban & arty concept taken by actors, DJs and celebs.

American college is now sold in more than twenty countries, and in each territory, the brand won public & medias support.

History is on and maybe it’s quite naive, but our fellows prepare the next vintage hits and standard collections for guys who dream of college years and for girls who want to play it cool and love to play with the ‘boyfriend’ style!